• Economic Vitality & Education


Economic Vitality

Let’s face it: a vital city needs a thriving business environment. Businesses provide jobs and jobs are the engine that generate tax revenue and form the foundation of our quality of life.

Mayor Coleman has been TERRIBLE for Saint Paul businesses—particularly the small businesses that create the majority of new jobs.

I am a small businessman. I love working with people, and I make my living by making other people’s lives better.

I love seeing others succeed. That only happens in places with economic vitality—government subsidies are no substitute for genuine business success.

I would move the City of Saint Paul out of the too big to fail US Bank into a consortium of local banks and credit unions, increasing our ability to make loans and investments in Saint Paul’s local businesses.

I would institute a citywide “buy local” campaign working with local business associations to promote and support locally owned businesses.

New development needs to mean new sustainable revenue for the city, WITH COMMUNITY INPUT!!!


The key to long-term success for any community is endowing the next generation with the tools and resources they need to build on the successes of prior generations. Education is the foundation upon which our city’s future is built.

We’re simply not doing a good job educating ALL children.

Most people don’t know that Saint Paul has one of the WORST achievement gaps in the nation! Some kids are doing fine, but students from Latino, African American, Asian, American Indian, Hmong, Chinese and Somali backgrounds are all falling behind.

There is no excuse for leaving ANY child behind! As Mayor, I will dedicate my efforts to expanding educational opportunity for ALL. I believe that ALL children can and must succeed! Our futures depend upon the next generation being better educated than we are.